Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Who are Group L?

There has got to be a BIG public interest in getting a list of companies who include one of these Trade Codes on their Annual Return:

Group L - Public Administration & Defence

7511 - General (overall) public service

7512 - Regulation health, education, etc.

7513 - Regulation more efficient business

7514 - Support services for government

7521 - Foreign affairs

7522 - Defence activities

7523 - Justice and judicial activities

7524 - Public security, law & order

7525 - Fire service activities

7530 - Compulsory social security

See my FOI request here:

1 comment:

confirm or deny said...

The request was refused but I was offered the chance of paying for a "Bespoke product" ... non thanks. It did lead to me being emailed some useful information though.