Monday, 7 December 2009

Pilot questions

Recently, I have found that I need to get some background information in order to support my arguments to get information.


cornubian said...

Good luck with your requests concerning the Duchy of Cornwall but I get a feeling they'll stonewall you all the way.

In Cornwall various groups and individuals have been asking for info on the DoC and come up against the limits of the UK's democratic culture everytime.

I can recommend the following websites for some background reading.

Duchy of Cornwall Human Rights Association:

The Cornish Stannary Parliament:

And here on the Tyr Gwyr Gweryn site you can find details of the crucial Cornish Foreshore dispute:

confirm or deny said...

"I get a feeling they'll stonewall you all the way."

I remain optimistic but I have received a refusal on the grounds that my request was phrased in too general a manner.

I have made my request much more specific and I still hope to receive a response.

confirm or deny said...

I also notice that the Duchy of Lancaster and the Duchy of Cornwall are listed under state in the London Gazette.

London Gazette.